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It's just me, my shelf, and the books... ;-)

Humbug - Joanna Chambers

From time to time I look through the collections on my Kindle and delete everything I've read already. I just did that the other day and guess what my first reaction was when I saw I've already read this.

I've read this??? When??? ...and... What was it about again?

After I looked at the blurb I remembered at least that I've actually read some kind of a "A Christmas Carol" themed story last year. That also is quite a good giveaway that I've read it somewhere around Christmas.

So this is the perfect example for a not-bad-but-literally-forgettable story and I'll settle for 3 stars.

A Cupid's Wager (A Valentine Rainbow) - Deanna Wadsworth

Again a story I read when I wasn't activ here.


The things I remember:


- It left me with a lot of questions. 

- I would love to read more of that world.

- It was H.O.T.!!!!!

Risky - Lydia Nyx

feels more like 2.75 stars

Unwind - Tia Fielding

more like 2.75 stars...

This Year's Prom King - shukyou

White Lines 4 stars too.

Assurance - Alix Bekins

Didn't connect with the MC's...

Happy Birthday to Me - Anne Tenino

3.5 stars... Though, I haven't read anything of this series so far. But I'm intrigued...

Trust  - Ella Frank


This last installment was sitting there on my Kindle for so long. I just couldn't get myself to start it. Why? Because it's the last one in this series!!! And I didn't want it to say goodbye to Logan and Tate.

But now I'm happy I finished it. Though I sure will miss them!


Adulting 101 (English Edition) - Lisa Henry

I've read this while I wasn't active on Booklikes. So I can't remember enough to write a proper review.

Though I still remember that I had fun with it and enjoyed it a lot.

Police - Porno: Der Bulle und der Stricher - Bonnyb. Bendix

Ich habe mir die Leseprobe auf meinen Kindle geholt, da mir die Geschichte interessant erschien.

Was soll ich sagen... Der Text war so voller (Rechtschreib-)Fehler das mir die Freude am Lesen dieser anscheinend gut geschriebenen Story leider vergangen ist. Vor allem die will k ü rlich gesetzten L e erschritte haben den Lesefluss doch sehr behindert.

Schade, aber so wie es jetzt ist werde ich mir das nicht antun!

P.S.: Falls jemand sich das Buch irgendwann holt und diese Fehler ausgebügelt sind, würde ich mich freuen, wenn derjenige mir eben Bescheid gibt. Danke!

Shy - John Inman

After Paulie and now this I figure, John Inman's humor and mine are just not the most compatible.


I get why a lot of people like his humours books. But they just don't do it as much for me as for them.

Reading progress update: I've read 4%.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated) (Top Five Classics Book 17) (English Edition) -  Arthur Conan Doyle

OK! OK! 4% doesn't look like a lot but I'm actually halfway through "Study in Scarlet"! And I'm enjoying it even more than I thought I would.

— feeling big smile
The Great Sex Olympics of 221B - XistentialAngst

OK... now I have to watch the series... ;-)


— feeling haha
Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union - Chuck Tingle


Never a dull moment with a book by Chuck Tingle!

— feeling happy
The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke

Gift from my awesome Secret Santa chica Marcie!

Thank you, honey! That was great.

How To Be a Normal Person - T.J. Klune

I had to mull this over for a bit. My rating constantly switched between 3.5 and 5 stars.

In this story we still have the T.J. Klune brand of humor(which I love) but it's not so much in-the-face... more subdued. (I still love it!) After the other books by T.J. Klune I've read recently this was kind of refreshing!

Grumpy characters with hearts of gold are a special weakness of mine so it's no surprise I fell for Gus almost right from the start.

Casey though.... He annoyed the ever loving F*** out of me!His constantly instagraming, selfie taking and hashtagging (is this an actual word?) drove me nuts! - Call me oldfashioned, I don't care. - And his friends were non the better!

Since I arrived at the sidecharacters... I loved Lottie and the We Three Queens and how they cared for Gus. Though I have the feeling you could have simply switched them with eachother without anyone noticing. Like they were all the same person.

You know, most of the time I'm a little smutmonster and I love me some smoking sexy times. But the asexual aspect of this story spoke to me on a very private level.

I will definitely pick this up again! (Maybe doing the audio?)

Never, ever let anyone tell you that who you are is wrong.
It's okay to be gay. Or straight. Or bisexual.
It's also okay to be asexual, demisexual, pansexual, or aromantic.
You do you, and if anyone gives you grief for that, remember one thing:
You are exactly the way you're supposed to be.

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The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated) (Top Five Classics Book 17) (English Edition)
Arthur Conan Doyle
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Just a Bit Twisted
Alessandra Hazard
A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1)
Keira Andrews
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