Status Update

Status Update - Annabeth Albert DNF at 57% - no rating

This was kind of a hard decision. Because this is a sugar-sweet story. A bit unreal and a bit too sweet for me but that wouldn't stop me in general.

Yes, I even can see, why the majority gives this 4 or 5 star ratings/reviews! So, this is clearly on me only!

It's just not my book!

I don't get what Adrian sees in Noah at the beginning and why he felt for him so fast.

Also Adrian is too perfect for my liking. Yes, he is impulsive. If you think of the I-go-on-a-road-trip-with-my-to-be-boyfriend-whom-I-only-met-in-person-a-few-days-ago thingy but else he seems to do or say always the right things at the right times...

And Noah..... he just rubs me in a wrong way with his I-can't-act-on-my-gayness-because-of-my-faith.

Maybe this is just my mood.

Maybe I'll pick it up someday and like it more.

But for now it's not my book.