Kyle's New Stepbrother IV: Sweet Summer Gone

Kyle's New Stepbrother IV: Sweet Summer Gone - Brad Vance
I'm impressed! If I think back to the first book... What an improvement!

This series really gets better with every instalment. The characters needed some time to grow on me but now I kind of like them.

Sure the sex is hot, but there are also some very tender and caring moments.

Nick and Kyle developed a friendly and really brotherly relation outside the bedroom and a kinky yet loving lovers-relationship inside the bedroom.

In this book they wanted to try a threesome with Nick's friend Tommy but it didn't turned out into the orgy they thought of first.
Tommy laughed. "Okay. Shit, I think you're jealous."
Nick nodded. "Yeah, man, I think I am."

"Congratulations, dude, on, you know..." Tommy waved a hand around. "This."

"I don't wanna share. I want you to be mine."

The icing on the cake was definitly the last precious night before Kyle goes back to college and Nick takes off to Europe.

While the first book for me was only a PWP with great potential that was buried deep. Now the story really got me!

***Trigger Warning***
Even though the threesome didn't turn out like planed, there are people that wouldn't like it or even call it cheating. So be aware of it, if you're going to read this.