Lucidity: ITW Prequel Material's Book

Lucidity: ITW Prequel Material's Book - Kichiku Neko, TogaQ, Guilt Pleasure
I really like to get some backround about books or movies I see. (That's one of the things why I love DVDs! There can't be too much extras!)

So I enjoyed the snippets Kichiku Neko and TogaQ gave us together with the sketches.

Also, I appreciated to have NYM, FDNH and OOTN in written form.

But what I bought this for in the first place was the bonus story "Equilibrium". Here we see again a different side of Katsu which is very intriguing. We also be introduced to M. This character I can't grasp and while I'm extremely curious about him my other side don't want him to get involved because I just don't want anything to get between Katsu and David. Which is ridiculous given the fact that they'll drift apart at one point.