Dipping His Pen in the Office Ink

Dipping His Pen in the Office Ink - James   Cox
What would you do, if your completely nutjob of stalker ex kills your boss and then try the same with you? - Run! Run as fast and far as you can!

That's how Quinn happens to get stranded on the moon, thanks to Witness Protection.

And his new boss Lyon is sex on a stick! If there just wouldn't be his principle of "not dipping his pen into the office ink"...

After a very disappointing read I just needed something funny, sexy and tongue in check. And let me tell you, for a good brain bleach there's nothing better than one of James Cox's books! He never disappoints.

Is it a bit predictable? Sure, but in the best entertaining way!

If you like some sexy dominant bear shifter story, this is a must read!