Father Figure

Father Figure - Kichiku Neko, TogaQ, Guilt Pleasure
If you are looking for some fluff and sugar move along. This book is not for you!

If you are looking for dark and twisted. Don't have reservations against rape, incest, kidnapping and eventually murder. This is right up your ally!

Was it the most disturbing or sick story I ever read? No.

The POV of a psychotic character with a damaged mind who seriously needs professional help, like Argona put it, was a very interesting point. It made me empathize with him and feel something like... sympathy towards him.

I know, I'll most defenitly go straight to hell for this. But I have to confess there were even some serious hot parts in it!

This story pulled me in and made me think about a lot of things. I know that I won't forget it so soon.

One last thing. It seems as if the badies in most of Kichiku Neko's books are cops. I don't know what to make of it yet. Except that I'll be aware of this fact when I'll read one of her stories again!


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