Dirty Dining

Dirty Dining - E.M. Lynley
2.5 stars

Meet my pery-meter!


I really loved the concept "Everything is possible but nothing has to happen" of the Diner Club and its themes. And the scene with Sky Blue was just...


I liked how the author managed to describe the awkwardness(?) of the first diner and night between Jeremy and Brice.

Oh and Kit was great! I'd love to read more about him.

Sadly, that were the only positive things for me.

The plot about Brice wondering if Jeremy only seeing him as an open wallet. And Jeremy wondering if Brice only look at him as a whore would have been enough for me.
The drama about the research funding was completly unnecessary IMO. Brice didn't know that it was Jeremys research. And especially after the meeting the other day I could totally understand why he voted against it.

With Brice going all caveman on Jeremy in the last scene my mind all went around how Thomas could sooth Sky Blue without the Club losing much of his reputation.

Now my greatest problem with the book. Jeremy!
His mixture of innocent and sexy didn't quite convince me. And from the moment he meets Brice he acted like a teenage girl or a damsel in distress.
I don't like my MCs in M/M to be like chicks with dicks!

I know a lot people liked or loved it but for me this wasn't great and wouldn't there be the scorching hotness (and Kit) I would have DNF it.