A Bugger to Pack

A Bugger to Pack - Kim Dare
Read as part of the [b:Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty|10104297|Stuff My Stocking M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty|M.J. O'Shea|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1294028488s/10104297.jpg|15001522] anthology.


This was soooooo awesome lovely!
Double chocolate cupcake with vanilla topping and cherry on top!

I may not be the big expert on BDSM and I have one big problem with a lot of this kind of stories. Often they lack at the emotional part and doesn't have enough of the careing and tender side which I'm sure of is needed in a Dom/Sub dynamic. This is not the case here!

I loved that I could feel Aarons insecuritys and how Mr. Patterson took them away from him with his dominance. I could feel how Patterson cared for Aaron.

This was definitly one of the best Dom/Sub stories I've ever read. And that within such a short space.

Thank you, Kim Dare!