Color Me

Color Me - Blaine D. Arden
***Read as part of the free [b:Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Two|12993786|Don't Read in the Closet Volume Two|Blaine D. Arden||18154040] anthology. Story #1***

Oh my Gosh! My head is spinning!

This was so confusing!

There were so many people.

And at the beginning I had really problems to tell apart the MCs. (Did they really both refer to the other as "Gorgeous" when they didn't know each others names? And I'm pretty sure that at least once their names were reversed!)

And what's up with this color-seeing-thingy? Why? How? Why not in a black and white surrounding?

It's really a pity. Without all this it could have been a fantastic story!

The only really positive thing about it is the discribtion of the deafness of the MCs and how the hearing persons deal with them. That was excellently done! Just take a look at Marte's review. She explained it better than I could!