The Heart of Frost (North Pole City Tales)

The Heart of Frost (North Pole City Tales) - Charlie Cochet
3.5 frozen stars

The King of Frost dislike his son's choice of Rudy as a lover since Rudy is "only" a Christmas elf. Even if Rudy is the most famous of the Rein Dears which deliver the presents to the good kids at Christmas.
And then there is somebody sabotaging Rudy's plane...


We know Jack and Rudy as an established couple from [b:Mending Noel|16198158|Mending Noel (North Pole City Tales #1)|Charlie Cochet||22128115] and their dynamic was awesome.
We learn more about the world around the elves and meet old and new friends.

I liked this story as much or even a bit more than Mending Noel.

So yes, I'll reread it next December and the December after and the one after that...