Unwrapping Hank

Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton
Let the Christmas spirit get to you!

I like Christmas! I really like it! Beginning by cheesy Christmas songs over to gingerbread, chocolate Santas, Christmastrees, snow and the design of the Coke tins and bottles.

Don't get me wrong! My place doesn't look like some santa-sugar-jizz nightmare and I'm not singing said Christmas songs all the time. But I like the Christmas-feeling.

This year though... Nothing! The songs were annoying me, the gingerbread didn't taste as good as the years before and I wanted to destroy every single chocolate Santa.

'Til I read this gem!

I adored Hank, loved Sloane and wanted to hug Micah (Hank's brother), Lilith (Hank's mother) and Karma (Hank's father) and adopte Grinch (the dog). They all were so great! The only person I wanted to shot was Stan (old friend of Hank)!
*mutter* Douche! *mutter*

I smiled my way through the story. (It's a wonder my cheeks don't hurt!)
And before I even did realize, I had my happy Christmas-feeling back!


If you like low-angst, funny GFY/OFY Christmas stories with more focus on the story than Christmas.

P.S. I think I found a new favorite author!