If It Fornicates

If It Fornicates  - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov
4.5 stars

His to torment, his to tease, his to make incoherent with pain or pleasure or both. And nobody else's.

Did I say If It Flies would be my favorite book in this series? I have to take that back! This is now my favorite.

This series started out strong and becomes better with every instalment, so it seems.

After I had a hard start with Nick in If It Flies I was so so happy to get his POV. And damn, what he had to fight with himself this time!

Nick and Spencer are standing on a crossroad and have to figure out not only what direction their relationship is leading but either how to deal with Nick's job as a rent-dom.
Well, being the reason you're losing sleep and coming apart at the seams is one of those things I won't let you ask me to do.

I loved how Spencer supported Nick. Never pushing or pulling in one direction only quiet understanding. Staying himself while being his submissive self.

Do I have to say something about the sex? I mean, it's Market Garden after all!
The only thing that comes in my mind is kinktastic scorching sexyness with tenderness on top.
Think Chastity play! Think breath play! This whole scene in Nick's apartment was just...
"You do know what the 'T' in CBT stands for, don't you?"
Spencer swallowed. "Torture."
"Mm-hmm," Nick watched him for a moment. "The fun part."

Now up to Capture & Surrender. I have the feeling that will be my next favorite! ;-X


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