If It Flies

If It Flies  - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov
4.5 stars

Phew... *wipes her sweaty forehead* What can I say?


Eeeem... Thanks, Joe!

While the first two instalments more or less were mere PWPs -excellently written PWPs but PWPs nonetheless- this was more. Not only more in length, also more in depth.

I love BDSM if it's well written and here it's extremly great written!
(Nick is discribed much more discreet but it suits him definitely more than this image!!! *choke and shiver*)

The story is told in Spencer's POV only and it was great to be in his head while he "discovered" his submissive side. I felt him falling for Nick and felt with him.

Though, I had my doubts with Nick for a great part because I couldn't read him. Sure, he has to keep his secrets and control. But since I didn't have his POV, it was a bit difficult for me to "see" him.

Still, up to this point it's my favorite part of the series and I can't wait to read more about these two in the next book which I'm starting now.



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