The Haunted Vagina

The Haunted Vagina - Carlton Mellick III Project Alice in Wonderland 983567.0!

I'm Professor Nachteule and so glad you could come to my project.
Unfortunately, there were some... difficulties along the way to plan this project.
See... Alice is stuck on a tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare,

Cheshire Cat had a dentist appointment,

the white rabbit had no time (Does he ever have?)

and the supermarket was out of rabbitholes.

But don't worry, foresighted as I am, I've brought some replacements. We just have to improvise a little bit!
So give a warm welcome to our... volunteer Steve, who will do Alice's part.

*whisper* I had to promise I won't make him wear a dress!

His girlfriend Stacy, who was so kind to lent us her vagina as the rabbithole.

No, we won't do a close up of your honeypot, damnit!

Her imaginary childhood-friend, latex-girl Fig. She will do the Cheshire Cat part.

After all she is imaginary... isn't she?

And last but not least I was able organize the skeleton of the biology-class as the white rabbit!

What? Okaaay... take your buddy with you!

So, everything's ready? *takes a deep breath*

Oh f***! I almost forgot the walkie-talkies!

Just in case, you want to tell us something while your adventure, Steve!

But now we are ready, aren't we?
*takes a deep breath*
*waves her hands frantically*

*coughs* Did we succeed? *coughs*


Everything's fine???

Where are you???

*trips over something on the floor*

Oh there are you!!!!