Test of Endurance

Test of Endurance - Kora Knight
Vacation-Countdown-Shorty #3/19!

Wait a minute.... I just have to... *wipes sweat of her forehead*

...take a deep breath and gather my thoughts.

OK... I'm fine!

Essentially it was...

Besides the...

In this story the build-up is slower than in Loser Takes All and we also get some tender moments.

Tad's struggles with his inner conflict had me a lot of

While at the same time it just made the story feeling more real IMO.

I love the friendly banter between Tad and Scott as much as the humor which shows in the writing.

While I was a bit suspicious about Scott and his motives in Loser Takes All, now I think I do understand him better.

You know, what is the meanest thing about it all?
Now I have to wait for the next instalment!


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