Werecake - Rosa Steel
3 cupcake-stars


You know the feeling of falling in love with a sweet delicious looking cake? You see it - You want it! No? I do!

So imagine you look at one of this treasures and buy it.


You go home and taste it... mmmmmmh yummy!
Now imagine this cupcake squeaks! In pain!
I would get the creeps and think I'm hallucinating!
But not our heroine. She just saves the rest for later...

Turns our this cake shifts into a delicious (;-P) yummy looking (and tasting) guy!

And then...

The book had some typos but wasn't badly written and the sexy times are delicious (Can't get enough of this word!)!

Nice PWP with a weird but interesting touch.

Another Weird Shit Wednesday read on 9/3/2014.