Mounted by a Monster: Werepuffer

Mounted by a Monster: Werepuffer - Mina Shay
Vacation-Countdown-Shorty: Special Weird Wednesday Edition #1!

To my surprise this PWP wasn't all that bad!

OK... You have the stupid female MC who wants to go diving in a pool full of ultra-agressive piranhas.
You have the can't-you-use-comdoms-moment.
You have completely unsexy nicknames like Pufferman.
And a male MC that wants to keep his secrets hidden at first, but sings like a bird after the sex.

But there were no WTF-names for bodyparts.
The story was slightly believable.
And the sex wasn't ridiculous all the time (just the most of it).

This story is finished after 30%... Don't know what to say about that. But it wouldn't have helped the story, if it would have continued any longer.
Though, there are some questions left open.

So all in all this gets 2 puffers!

Here's a gif which has nothing to do with the story but made me smile!


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