Blood & Thunder

Blood & Thunder - Charlie Cochet
You know the feeling you want to share your love for a book but you can't find the right words for it? That's how I feel about [b:Blood & Thunder|22517659|Blood & Thunder (THIRDS, #2)|Charlie Cochet||41961444]!

"Man, this team is incestuous."

While [b:Hell & High Water|22267616|Hell & High Water (THIRDS, #1)|Charlie Cochet||41645331] did a great job to introduce us to the THIRDS and their world, Blood & Thunder is an awesome sequel which shows us more of the relationships within Destructive Delta and of cause the development between Sloane and Dex.

I adored Dex as much as in Hell & High Water with all his quirks and his smart mouth! But we also get a look behind his cheeky behavior. Which makes me love him even more.
(I imagine Dex much like his art-work-self on ! Though I got the feeling, I won't find gifs with it...)

Sloane has a hard time struggleing with his past and figuring out about the depth of his feelings for Dex.
There were times I wanted to hug and cuddle him, times I wanted to throttle him and times my heart hurt for him.
(I can't find a sad gif of Joe Manganiello. So Jensen has to cover that!)

Who got lots of sympathy-points for me was Ash! Yes, he was his known douchebag-self most of the time.
"He's [Dex] like an excited puppy that never sits still, which makes me want to punch him."
Sloane peered at his friend. "You want to punch puppies?"
"I'd never punch a puppy. What's wrong with you? Dex I'd punch."

But he showed vulnerability and that he cares for Sloane as a friend.
I understand their friendship much more now!

And there was some of this.

And some more of this.

Now I'll have to wait for November to read [b:Rack & Ruin|22714908|Rack & Ruin (THIRDS, #3)|Charlie Cochet||42242030]...