Crossing The Line

Crossing The Line - Andria Large, M.D. Saperstein, Megan Hershenson
Forget Laurel and Hardy!

Forget Bud Spencer and Terence Hill!

Forget Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson!

Here come Parker Hamilton and Chance Steele!

Parker and Chance are Hollywood stars which are casted together quite often due to their chemistry on screen. Behind the scenes they don't come along very well...

This GFY starts with Parker getting the script for a new movie. Together with Chance he should play a mismatched couple of FBI agents who are hunting a serial killer and become lovers along the way.
Sounds familiar?!?

Even if Parker doesn't feel comfortable by making out with a guy he accepts this "role of a lifetime". Chance is much more openminded about it but keeps on pushing Parker's bottons.

In this book you don't get crazy ex's, stalkers, lifethreats or something alike. Only Parker's homophobic, snobbish douchebag family. (Except his Grams! She is fantastic!) So the story is low-angsty and concentrates more on the relationship between Parker and Chance and their struggles around it.

IMO the end was a bit cheesy. But sweet-cheesy and not bad-cheesy!

All in all I could only thank the authors M.D. Saperstein and Andria Large for adding this great story to their wonderful series around Club M!

P.S. You can read them all as standalones!

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