A Boy for the Tentacle Monster

A Boy for the Tentacle Monster - K. Matthew
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While [b:Barracks Pounding|18871884|Barracks Pounding (military, charity, gay erotica, gay, first time)|C.R. Alvery|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1384965944s/18871884.jpg|26483970] (Both read at Weird-Shit-Wednesday 8/6/14!) was a little bit disappointing in the weird-shit department and unexpacted good in the PWP stuff, this book was great in the weird-shit stuff but not so great in the so-hot-everything-tingles department!


I've planed to show some tentacle smut pics and gifs in this review, but since some great friends of mine were flagged because of some really beautiful and sweet pics, I won't!

And where's the fun by writing a review about a tentacle book without tentacle pics? GONE!

Thanks for that, flaggers!