Geeking Out on 11C

Geeking Out on 11C - L.L. Bucknor
Vacation-Countdown-Shorty #9/19!

Ed is a geek. His plan for a good evening? Stay at home and play video games all night long.
At times he reminded me of him. Just... nicer!?

Oh! And he has a goldfish named Atari.

Mateo lives in the same house across the hallway. Appartment 11C. He is outgoing, sucks at videogames and is the bartender in a family owned bar.

Ed lusted after Mateo from afar but after some foot in mouth incidents and awkward moments they form a friendship which didn't cool Ed's crush down in any way.

I loved the easy humor.
I did totally identify myself with Ed.
And badass Atari got my heard from the first page on.

This was an adorable and funny story!

I'm just sad it isn't longer. Then I would have given it gladly 4 stars

So I'll go with 3.5 you-can-call-me-Ed stars!


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