The Prettyboy Mage #1: A Matter of Scale

The Prettyboy Mage #1: A Matter of Scale - B. L. Lacertae, T. Alba
Yes, we did it again!

Another Wednesday-Hate-Read on July the 16th!

Again some dragon porn, this time with 2 heads!

HEY! I SAID TWO!!! (We don't want to overact.)

See! That's better!



So we have the pretty boy mage Ashley. He dresses in skirts, paints his fingernails and keeps his legs smooth by magic. (BTW... could you give me the spell? It sounds really handy!) Oh yeah! And he has to refresh his magic by sex.

(OK! He's not ginger! But girlish, he is for sure! And he paints his fingernails, too.)

He comes across of a two-headed dragon-shifter. And because he's out of magic and dragon eggs are full of it he wants to have sex with him.

(Sorry... wrong creature!)

The writing wasn't that bad. If you could oversee the overuse of italics, that is!
The story was a bit confusing.
And the sex was...

(Oh, come on! Who doesn't think of him when it comes to magic?)
And am I the only one, who imagined the story as a cartoon?
I did like his familiar, Moze, though!

The blurbs of the next installments sound intriguing, so I'll probably read them. But I won't expect too much of them!