Cyclops Forced Me Gay

Cyclops Forced Me Gay - Hunter Fox
Read as part of [b:Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection:|22370871|Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay Three Book Collection (Mythology Erotica)|Hunter Fox||41782344]

First I thought Hunter Fox had improved his writing skills...
Who am I kidding? Of course he did not!

Young guy survives a shipwreck without a single scrap.
Young guy is stranded on lonely island.
Searches for his crew and admires the view.
Finds cave and bones of his crew. His thought: They must have found him dead! (After 24 hours there are only bones left? Duh?)
Cyclops finds guy in cave.
Fucks guy.
Guy is covered in cum.
Locks guy into a cage which hangs from the roof.


No prep!
No lube!
No writing skills!


If you are looking for a good PWP... Don't go here!
If you like to read weird shit to laugh about. THIS is your book!

Again another Hate Read Wednesday by the group Weird Shit We Read On Wednesday!