Gaydar (G-A-Y #1)

Gaydar (G-A-Y #1) - Kim Dare
Vacation-Countdown-Shorty #8/19!

This gave me a hard time to rate.

On one hand we have Matt. His Gaydar seems to have some broken wires and he has too much insecurities about himself for my liking.

On the other there is Flynn the bartender at the place Matt and his friends use to hang out. He is a Dom and sees Matt's mistakes first hand.

I wanted to throttle Matt at times because he just couldn't believe somebody like Flynn would possibly have an interest in a guy like him.

I liked how protective Flynn was and how he cared about Matt.

This was a really sweet story. But I couldn't completely connect with it. Though I think that hasn't much to do with the story itself. More likely it really is just my very own preference.


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