Yes We Candiru

Yes We Candiru - Lydia Sebastian Edit 19.06.

Thanks Dani, that you enlightened my horizon with your wisdom!

OK so now I've slept over it and know that my Ouch-moment wasn't Ouch!

With this knowledge I'll give it one more star just because...

It's realy hot then!

P.S.: I'm sorry to say it, but Lydia Sebastian has disqualified herself for the Hate Read Wednesday, by showing actual writing skills!



Hmmm... Hard to rate this one...

The writing was good.

The sex was...

Nothing left to say.

Doesn't it hurt, if something is insered into the peehole of a penis? Could please somebody answer this question for me? I'm so confused!

*No fish or buttholes were harmed while writing or reading this book.