Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek

Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek - R. Cooper
This is really hard for me to rate!

I'm a sucker, not only for unusual characters, also for the quiet ones. And Tavio is.... extremely quiet! So it fits well that this story is told in his POV! Otherwise we wouldn't know his mind in any kind of way.

It was a very slow burning story and the only 'action' was limited to the last 10(?)%. It was only a kiss, but DAMN what a kiss!

I would have wished that it was a teensy tiny bit longer so we could get a glimps about the just started relationship between Tavio and Tommy.
For me it felt like I read only the beginning of a book. Which is sad because it has the potential to be a I-knock-you-out-of-your-shoes book.

So it only gets 3 stars because for me it was unfinished!