In These Words. Band 1

In These Words. Band 1 - Kichiku Neko, TogaQ
Reread 2/10/2015

If I look at my rating for each chapter it would be a 4 star read. But only since each taken for itself is just so short. As a whole I keep it 5 stars.

The drawings are awesome! I figure it's difficult to draw so expressive.

Since it's just the beginning of a very complex story there are many mysteries discovered but as good as nothing solved.

To be honest, if I wouldn't have bought the whole volume 1 which includes chapter 1-5 and had to purchase it over the webpage of Guilt Pleasure, I wouldn't have continued or even started the series. The shipping costs would have killed every interest I'd have had.

If non-con is a big no-no for you, you should think twice about reading!


Thanks to Therese who recommanded this piece of Art to me!

Since I read some mangas in my teens I didn't have to adjust too hard to the special reading. (Right to left.)

The pictures were drawn really great and the story was very intriguing!

Aaaaaarg.... Bad cliffhanger!


I ordered [b:In These Words, Vol. 2|22011081|In These Words, Volume 2|Kichiku Neko||41324156] right away and can hardly wait for it to arrive!