My Summer of Wes

My Summer of Wes - Missy Welsh
4.5 sugar coated stars

Oh, Wes and Mal, my little boinking bunnies!

Oh my do they boink! Like all the time and everywhere!

Though besides this we get such an adorable story about Mal the geeky guy who got bullied by the other guys at school for being gay - except he didn't know he is gay to that time - and Wes the new guy from across the street.

I loved Wes from his first encounter with the bullies on.
“What are you? Some kind of fag?”
My new neighbor actually took a step closer to Rick, who had him by at least six inches and twenty pounds.
“I’m the kind of fag who’d love to thrust his cock into your tight ass. You interested, honey ?”

It was pretty clear that he had a crush on Mal from the start. But since Mal haven't realized he is gay when they met, he settles for being his friend. The first friend Mal ever had!
“I wanted you in my life from the beginning, Mal. Anyway I could have you.” He snuggled me closer. “Even if it meant just as friends.”

I really felt for Mal. The bullies, his indifferent, snobish parents, never having a friend. It tugged at my little heart and I wanted to hug him until everything's fine again. And when Wes comes into his life...
Now there was a colorful little sprinkle on the vanilla pudding of my life.

OK, maybe their lovestory was moving in lightning speed.

And the I-love-yous are thrown around like candy on a children's birthday.

But you know what?

If you like cute, sappy YA with boinking (like rabbits! I tell ya!) and little to no angst, this will be the right story for you.