Cut & Run

Cut & Run  - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban
Dear book!

When I was new to GR your series was one I stumbled over almost everywhere. And I read so many reviews that praised you high up in the sky. So you had to be good, right?

First I have to admit, Suspense isn't my favorit genre. It's like action-movies. I like and enjoy them from time to time but I won't die, if I wouldn't see them. And see... this is exactly how I feel about you.

You felt to me like... the romance was sqeezed between the suspense because there had to be romance. Or was the suspense squeezed between the romance? I don't know.

I was a bit confused as - when Ty and Zane were seperated and then they came back on the case - they seemed to have switched personalitys. Like the first so correct Zane was suddenly the bad-cop. And the first so rebellious Ty was now the correct one.

Also the romance didn't feel right to me. It was like 'I hate you' over 'I hate you, but I won't mind fucking you' to 'I can't live without you'. Like I have missed something between the lines...

But I loved the banter between your MCs!

All in all you were entertaining... like an action-movie!

Sorry, I don't feel the hype about you!