Lawful Lover

Lawful Lover  - Tina Folsom I'm a huge fan of Tina Folsom. For me [b:Lawful Escort|8456799|Lawful Escort (Eternal Bachelors Club, #1)|Tina Folsom||13320946] was perfect how it was. And I think that's my problem with Lawful Lover.

For me the story was finished!

OK. This sequel was very well written. But It wasn't as good as [bc:Lawful Escort|19058298|Lawful Escort (Eternal Bachelors Club, #1)|Tina Folsom||13320946].

Will I read [b:Lawful Wife|19176751|Lawful Wife (Eternal Bachelors Club, #3)|Tina Folsom||27218481]? HELL YES! ;-D