Thomas's Choice

Thomas's Choice - Tina Folsom
4.5 Stars

Re-read of one of my favorites in this series.

As I have mentioned from time to time, this is the book, that leaded me indirectly to M/M.

You know, I love this series. And I awaited Thomas's book since the first episode. At the same time I was afraid, if I would like it, since I've only read M/F to that time. Turns out my fear was totally unnecessary!

There are so many fabulous reviews around here, I don't think, I could top that!

So we have Thomas the master of mindreading with his passion for motorbikes. His mindreading powers come with a high price. He struggles every day to keep the dark that comes with them at bay.

Eddie is a newbie vampire and had a bad start into his new excistance. Thomas volunteered to be his mentor and felt for him right from the start. But Eddie is straight... isn't he?

Over the previous books we see them becoming best friends, Thomas falling even deeper for Eddie and eventually Eddie finding out about Thomas's feelings.

Thomas and Eddie's story was really great to read and yes, the sex was great too! Maybe a bit tame but great.

The story was a bit cheesy at the end but I can live with that!