Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave  - Jeaniene Frost

Reread 14.12.2015

Review reread 2014

First off: If I wouldn't know that this is the beginning of a fantastic series, I would have dumped it after its ending!

Good thing I know better! :-D

What can I say about Halfway to the Grave?

1. IMO the lovestory between Cat and Bones is way better written than in a hell of a lot other books you can find.

2. The characters are unique. Especially Bones....

3. My sense of humor was hit to the spot!

4. There is so much action, you won't be bored. OK sometimes it's a bit bloodthirsty and vicious. But hey! It's a book about Vampires and not about knitting.

Finally I just say it's one of my All-Time-Favorits ever! And I will reread it every now and then!