Human Rights (English Edition)

Human Rights (English Edition) - Kelley Armstrong *Le Sigh*

I could understand that, if you see the cover and read the blurb, your first thought is: Oh yeah, she's reading weird shit again!


At least not this time!

In a world ruled by animals and humans as their pets, Ewan is only awaiting death as he is send to the pound again. He is only a mutt, had already had 3 masters and is way too old for finding a new one. This is when Lord Jiat walks in to the pound looking for a new pet.

It blooms a bond between Ewan and Jiat which eventually leads to love. Which, of course, is forbidden.

Yes, literally it's bestiality. But I looked at it as a metaphor for different races. That made it a (bitter-)sweet lovestory.

There isn't a picture perfect HEA for them but a HEA nontheless!

This is such a different and unique story, it gives me a hell of a hard time to review and I still have doubts that I gave the book the justice it deserves.

P.S.: A little warning by the side. Although it's M/M there is a M/F scene. It fits the storie's purpose. But if that's an absolute no-no for you, you should be aware of it, if you decide to read this little gem.