Bookmarked (Heartsville)

Bookmarked (Heartsville) - Piper Vaughn 3.5 stars rounded up

A romance about the owner of a bookstore and a writer?

This was the fluffy no-angst read I needed! It doesn't happen very much more than the blurb tells us. But since it's only 82 pages it's enough for me. - OK, there could have been a bit more happening. Though it doesn't have to!

Yeah, IMO they got it on a tad bit too fast - though they gave the word bookporn a new meaning to me!
Not only had he [Mark] screwed around in his bookstore, which was unprecedented, he'd come while sniffing a Stephen King novel [...]
All Mark knew was there couldn't be many guys out there who'd gotten off to the scent of Pet Sematary. Somehow, he didn't think Stephen King would appreciate getting that in a fan letter.

Thanks to my Secret Santa Marcie! You're awesome, chica!