Rise & Fall (THIRDS Book 4)

Rise & Fall (THIRDS Book 4) - Charlie Cochet 4.5 stars

This is full of spoilers! Don't open it, if you haven't read it yet!

Things I didn't like

First off something that bothers me in a lot books. It seems like everyone is homosexual in the series.
Yes, I know that this is M/M and that it concentrates on men who are into men. But in this case the only two people we could be sure that they are into straight sex are Rafe and Nina so far.
I mean how are the chances that in a big city like New York homosexual peeps have only homosexual friends, co-workers and villains?

Second off Dex. I wanted to slap his head most of the time because he had his secrets. And also that he wanted to care about Sloane while his recovery and then stayed away for days!
I can totally see why he did it. - I just didn't like the way he did it!

Things I liked/loved

#1 Hobbs speaking. Serveral times!!!!

#2 Ash and Dex bonding. Whether Ash wants to admit it or not.
"Forget it, Daley. If you're determined to play John McClane, I'm going to be there to make sure you don't lose your fucking shoes."
Dex held back a smile as he started the ignition. "Actually, John McClane didn't lose his shoes, he took them off."
"Don't correct me."
"But you're wrong."
"Not about you being a pain in my ass," Ash growled.

#3 We learn more about the history of Seb and Hudson and what drove them apart!

#4 The sexy male nurse costume of white latex and with the assless chaps has finally an appearance!

#5 Lou telling Dex that he is fucking up.
(He got so much respect-credits for that!)

#6 All the relationship development:
-Cael and Ash kissing!

-Calvin and Hobbs getting it on in the van!

...with Dex trying not to watch.

-Sloane finally admitting that he loves Dex.

-Solane marking Dex.
(I'm so curious what that will mean/change!)

#7 Austen and his cheeky self.
Question one: are you all screwing each other? Question two: how can I get in on the action?

#8 We learn more about what it means to be a Therian. And it feels like we are learning together with them.
I thought simply being Therian was challenge enough. Now I know it's only the beginning. There's so much we don't know about what we are, Sloane.
[Seb to Sloane]

#9 After finding out about Sloane, Ash and his boys, Tony has "The Talk" with them. He brings Old Betsy with him and Dex has his Pokahontas-moment.

Final thoughts
This time the plot around Hogan and his minions were not as strong as the plots in the previous books. But there were so much going on and the most of it was just awesome.

You haven't read this book or even started this series? YOU HAVE TO READ IT!


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