Off Campus (Bend or Break)

Off Campus (Bend or Break) - Amy Jo Cousins
BR-orgy with Elsbeth, Momo, Susan, Paul, Marcie, Marte, Kayl and Julie on release day December 30th.

I don't know yet what to think of it... later!

*********************4 days later********************

You know that feeling, you hear a voice you know and you can't tell whom it belongs to? Annoying, isn't it?

That was the feeling this book left me with. There was something about it I couldn't grasp even if my life would depend on it.

Yes, it dragged at times and I had a point where I needed to take a break because I was bored. Still I was intrigued enough to read on even if I didn't know what intrigued me.

I even got why Tom had to push Reese away so he could sort his stuff out and let him back "in" later. (It annoyed me but I understood!) - Still I had no clue what it was I wanted to grasp.

While I was still figuring out how to review this story I browsed through the reviews of other readers to get some hint or inspiration. It was when I read the review of Vanessa North that a big chandelier above my head lighted up and everything fell in place.


I have to confess while it was clear to me for Reese having PTSD I just didn't get that Tom was suffering it too! Yes, I thought Tom made an elephant out of a bee. And the only thing I could say to my defense is that I never was in his situation. I never lost my home, my whole family, all my friends or my privacy like he did and certainly not all at once! (What I'm very grateful for, btw!)

If you have such a heavy and serious topic in a book, you need some fun for the balance of course!

Besides some of the banter and the situations Reese and Tom brought each other in and the definitly fap-material Amy Jo Cousins gave us - (I'm still fanning myself while thinking of it!) - she gave us Steph and Cash!

Steph was great as a friend and for the fun-factor but Cash... he topped it all!
"Better watch out. I'll get straight cooties all over you and before you know it, you'll be eyeing Steph here and thinking about boobs."

*fangirling* CASH!!! I heart you so hard!!! *squee*
*cough* Wasn't me! *cough*

I won't recommend it to you, if it's a nice and fluffy read you're looking for. Though if you like something about two people with problems to solve, something that makes you think and something about hope, you should give this a try!