Glitterland - Alexis Hall

Edit after listening to the audio:

As good as the first time around. And the Narrator makes a great job! Couldn't be better.



I'm begging for forgiveness, I didn't read it yet sooner, oh great Kat!

WOW! What an awesome book!

I don't know where to start...

The story is told as POV of Ash. A bipolar maniac writer, who doesn't believe he is worthy any kind of happiness, like it seems. Because of that he is on a road of selfdestruction and inclines to push the people away, who care for him.

"What's your name?"
"A.A. Winters."
"What, that's your name?"
"Yes," I said impatiently, "that's my name."
"That's what people call you?"
"Like in bed, or whatever? They call you A.A. Winters?"
I met his eyes. "No, in bed they call me God."

One night out he meets Darian (aka THE Glitterpirat). A model with an exceptionally taste in clothes and a heavy accent from Essex. With his bright and happy personality (and a good portion tenacity) he steals himself into the heart of Ash, without Ash knowing.

When I started this book I was afraid I would have a hard time with the Essex accent. But I got along with very well. My biggest problem wasn't janarwhatamean, no! It was uvver!
Also I have to say this accent was no hindrance in no way! It was one of the things that makes this book such a charmer!

Darian may not be very clever. (His words!) But IMO he is kind of wise in his own way. He doesn't pretend to be something he is not! And some things he says leaves you with mouth wide open with astonishment!

"Lots of fings 'ave meaning, babes. And, sometimes, when you fink maybe they doesn't, it's just cos you aren't looking for the same sorta meaning."


"I'm sorry fings were so bad, babes. But there ain't no point wishing you was different, cos then you wouldn't be you."

This book made me laugh so often and what is more impressive it made me cry. While I liked the humor of it, I loved the deep feelings it made me feel!

If you are looking for something that hits you right in the feels, something that makes you laugh and cry with the MCs, something that runs deeper than many others, then you should give this book a try!

Lie-kit, babes!