Darkness (New Species Book 12)

Darkness (New Species Book 12) - Laurann Dohner
Darkness *swoon*


So it's been almost 2 months since I read this. I won't give in the illusion that I'm still able to give it a proper review so I'll make it short.

I liked Kat! She's really a good match for Darkness and I totally believed her to be a strong women.

Darkness was... just Darkness. From the previous books we know that he thinks, he's damaged goods and no mate-material because of his past, which is a bit different to the other New Species. But as the story goes on we see that he isn't as damaged as he thinks!

Of course they get their HEA!
And of course there was some good smexy times with some light bondage, what was something new within this series.

So all together it was a great-as-always episode of the New Species Series!