Black Balled

Black Balled - Andrea Smith, Eva LeNoir

IF the assumptions are right:

Are the author's actions OK? - NO!

Am I still intrigued by the blurb? - Yes!


When I started this book, I wanted to like it. Like I do with every book I read.
I needed some time to get into the story and to get used to the arrogant, stubborn MCs that were both too full of themselfs and acted like immature teenagers.
Yeah, at around 20% I actually wanted to dnf it because of them.
In the end (Which was rather sweet in its own kind of way.) I even liked them. No, they didn't changed but something changed indeed. I can't even say what it was that cought me about the story.

It certainly were not the gold digging, scheming ex-wife. Neither was it the nonexcisting fluff. Or the mentioned immature behavings of the MCs.
Though it was hot, the sex wasn't that capturing all alone. But the writing was really great!

Come to think of it, the story wouldn't have worked if the MCs weren't as douchey as they are.

After all, in the end I felt great entertained and I'm happy I finished it. And that's what counts, isn't it?

Warning: Girl parts are involved!