Smiley (New Species) - Laurann Dohner

Laurann Dohner's New Species is one of my favorite series EVER. So it's not such a surprise that I loved its 13th instalment. Also it is the first time a non-gift Primat New Species is getting his mate!

Smiley had a special place in my heart since he showed up the first time in Slade, #2 in this series. For me it always was crystal clear that he needed someone he could care for, tend to and cherish dearly. And in Vanni he truely found his match.

What me bothered me a little bit was that Vanni was such a push-over!

Don't get me wrong. She was really likeable and sweet. For my sences she was just too un-independend.

Now everybody who read this book too will say: It was said that she is shy! Didn't Britta notice?

Yes, I noticed.

Shy is ok. I can deal with shy. God, I'm a shy person myself!

BUT if I wouldn't like to do something, I wouldn't do it! And I wouldn't let me be so dependend on anybody like she was on her fiance at first and later on Smiley.

And since this was my only negative point and, like I said before, Smiley needed someone like her.