Bear, Otter, and the Kid  - T.J. Klune Who We Are (Bear, Otter, and the Kid #2) - T.J. Klune The Art of Breathing (Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles) - T.J. Klune
— feeling amazing

So I read those treasures back to back... 


Since I read Tell Me It's Real last year I wanted to read more books by T.J. Klune. I loved his humor.


Now with Bear, Otter and Tyson (who isn't any longer the Kid) and their chosen family he absolutely got me under his spell!


The angst!!!


The love!!!


The humor!!!


The feels!!!


This series has it all and then some.


And my personaly cherry on top of it all was Tyson's trip to Tucson where he met all my friends form Tell Me It's Real! I just have to read The Queen & The Homo Jock King immediately.


It's inevitable!!! 


If you haven't read T.J. Klune yet.... WHY NOT?????